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Ultimate Cloths make your cleaning jobs


Featured on the Lifetime Network's Designing Spaces™ as the best way to clean today!

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Thank You

Thank You from My Ultimate Cloth, located in Pinckney, MI. We provide the Ultimate MiraFiber™ technology packed into a multi-functional cloth. Since your tired of spending too much time cleaning your windows, glass, mirrors, windshields and other tough surfaces, you've made the right choice by purchasing the Ultimate Cloths. Your stainless steel appliances, corain, granite, and marble countertops won't be doomed to be dirty anymore.


With the Ultimate Cloths, the patented Mirafiber technology will get deep into surfaces, leaving nothing behind. You’re ready to join the thousands of people who have found a better way to clean today! Thank you again for choosing My Ultimate Cloth.


Standard Size Ultimate Cloth™

Standard Size Ultimate Cloth

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1 Standard Size Ultimate Cloth - $6.00

5 Standard Size Ultimate Cloths - $25.00

12 Standard Size Ultimate Cloths - $48.00

20 Standard Size Ultimate Cloths - $75.00



Standard Size Ultimate Cloth™

Standard Size Cloth
Ultimate Cloths™ RETAIL FOR $6... Money in the bank every time you DON'T buy expensive chemicals & paper towels. Even more important will be the time & frustration the cloth saves you. We also offer multiple cloth discounts. You'll want multiples under every sink (you'll have lots of room without all the cleaning chemicals & supplies) & some to give away! Try our larger BadBoy size.

1 - 4 standard size Ultimate Cloths: $6.00. each.
5 - 11 standard size Ultimate Cloths: $5.00. each. Save 17%.
12 - 19 standard size Ultimate Cloths: $4.00. each. Save 33%.
Package of 20 Ultimate Cloths: 1 pkg. $75.00. Save 38%.

New! Supersize Ultimate BadBoys™

Supersize BadBoy
The Ultimate BadBoy™ Cloth has been brought to you by multiple customer requests. These cloths retail for $9.00 each, and measure 15.5" X 19.5". BAD on dirt, grease and grime. TENDER on your delicate surfaces such as paint, chrome, lexan, leather and more. Perfect size for Big Jobs or Big Hands! Same MiraFiber™ technology as the amazing standard sized Ultimate Cloth™ - but BIGGER - by almost 45%! Great for your cars, motorcycles, RV's and boats. P.S. Boat owners also love our mops for 'swabbing the decks' and absorbing tons of water!

1 - 2 Ultimate BadBoy's: $9.00 each.
3 - 9 Ultimate BadBoy's: $8.00 each. Save 11%.
Package of 10 Ultimate BadBoy's: $70.00 Save 22%.

Clean Green Starter Pack

Clean Green Starter Pack
Priced at $29.00, the Clean Green Starter Pack contains 4 standard sized Ultimate Cloths™, 1 Supersize Badboy™, and 1 package of 3 Opti-Cloths™ (excellent for cleaning optics).

The Clean Green Starter Pack: $29.00. Retail $39.00. Save 25%.

Home Care Package

Home Care Package
Priced at $57.00 (retail $84.00) , the Home Care Package includes 10 standard size Ultimate Cloths™, 2 Supersize BadBoys™, and 1 package of 3 Opti-Cloths™ (Minis).

The Home Care Package: $57.00. Retail $84.00. Save 32%.

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